4 Types of Cooktops: Which One Is Best for Your Kitchen?


A stylish and functional cooktop is the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen. It gives you space to prepare classic and modern dishes and speeds up your cooking time. If you are looking for the perfect one for your home, you may get confused and even overwhel because of the many options available. Thankfully, you can have an easier time shopping if you understand the difference between these four cooktop types:

Electric Cooktops

An electric cooktop has burners that heat with electricity, which makes it easy to install because it doesn’t require a gas connection. In terms of variation, some models have coil burners, while other modern ones feature a smooth top design.

An electric cooktop’s primary advantage is providing precise temperatures, thanks to its electric settings that offer consistent temperature readings. It’s an excellent choice for cooks that  prioritize precision when preparing dishes. However, note that you may have to wait for a little while for it to heat up or cool down.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy and create a magnetic field that reacts to cookware. This generates a vibration that produces the heat you need to cook food. Because of this unique design, it heats up faster than traditional electric cooktops while offering excellent temperature control. 

Additionally, induction cooktops provide added safety as they significantly reduce the risk of burning or kitchen fires. Even when the appliance is turned on, they produce heat only when you use compatible cookware, like those made with cast iron, enameled cast iron, and stainless steel. 

Although they offer lots of advantages, remember that they are usually considered luxury appliances. They often come with hefty price tags, which means they may not be your best option for a limited budget.

Gas Cooktops

If you are a serious home chef who requires fast and efficient cooking, consider getting a gas cooktop. It uses an open flame as a heat source to cook food and provides high temperatures that can easily be adjustable with control. 

This type of cooktop allows you to prepare restaurant-quality meals at the comfort of your own home, but it has knob controls that can make it difficult for you to register the exact cooking temperature every time. It also requires a proper gas connection, so you may have to consider another model if you don’t have a suitable gas line.


Similar to cooktops, rangetops are installed by sliding into the countertop. They also feature control knobs in front of the appliance on the edge of the counter, which mimics the top design in cooking ranges. Additionally, they come in gas and electric burners. If you decide to add this type of cooktop to your kitchen, prepare to shell out a huge amount of money since it is considered a premium appliance.


Your cooking experience will be elevated only with the right cooktop. However, it can be intimidating to shop around, knowing you have lots of choices. But now that you know the basics when it comes to choosing the ideal model for your kitchen, it’s time to look for an established appliance store that offers your desired type of cooktop.

If you are ready to start your kitchen appliance search, head to AllSouth Appliance in Birmingham. Check out our showroom to look for the cooktop that matches your needs, preferences, and budget!


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