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Speed Queen

With over 180 engineers focused solely on creating the best quality washer and dryers in the industry, Speed Queen is the leader in commercial laundry making. SpeedQueen began delivering the industry’s most trusted, high performing washers and dryers more than a century ago with an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and their customers. AllSouth Appliance is proud and honored to be able to provide our customers with the chance to experience such an evolving and respected brand in all of our showrooms located throughout the south:

The history of Speed Queen, from its humble beginnings in 1908 as Barlow and Ceiling Manufacturing to present is a fascinating change of events. Speed Queen continually strives to provide you with quality products that are backed by superior customer service. Being one of the largest manufacturers of large-scale washing machines used in hotels, hospitals and institutions for over 100 years, they’re made to last with no breakdowns or slowdowns, Speed Queen and AllSouth Appliance are now allowing the opportunity to bring their customers a line of washers and dryers built with a no-nonsense design, high level of dependency, and performance-based construction for their own homes. After all, it’s what you expect from a company that only does laundry.

These products will get your clothes cleaner. Just because Speed Queen prides itself on the staying power of its washers doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the most important thing—getting clothes clean. And their line of washers runs the gamut from the simple expediency of the TC5, to the more advanced features of the TR5 and TR7, to the high-end, front-loading FF7. With such variety, you can be assured of finding a washer that fits your needs and your life.

So if you are looking for Speed Queen products in Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Panama City, Destin, Montgomery and soon Nashville, or have any questions about Speed Queen products please give AllSouth Appliance a call or simply stop by and we would be more than happy to help with any of your Speed Queen needs.

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