What to Consider When Getting a Wall Oven for Your Home

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Many always have a picture of their dream homes and the room inside of them. When it comes to the kitchen, there’s always a certain design and set of appliances that you imagine having. Each one can be quite the investment, so it requires a lot of thought and planning before you come to the conclusion of what you want to get and install.

Wall ovens are something that’s always been linked to very glamorous kitchens, but it’s also quite useful regardless of the flourish it can bring. Incorporating it into your home can prove to be quite the addition.

Here are the specifics of what homeowners should consider before buying a wall oven for their place:


Wall ovens generally take up a lot of space, especially depending on their size. The standard measurements for a wall oven would usually be 30 inches wide and 29 inches high. Those measurements can be more compact or larger in width and height further.

Homeowners also have to deduce what kind of wall oven they should get on top of size. Freestanding wall ovens can usually be placed as is, but built-in wall ovens would be different. That variation of the oven requires a cabinet that would be able to accommodate it.


Wall ovens are quite big and may force most homeowners to adjust their layout design to accommodate the appliance. As mentioned above, installing the wall oven to a free cabinet can often mean giving up a bit of countertop space. Are you prepared to alter your kitchen?

Aside from aesthetics, you also have to figure out practicality, such as whether or not the oven doors can be opened and closed. Imagine what having the appliance would be like during use. How will you be taking out the food? Is there any part left to set the food to cool? 

Cooking Style

Wall ovens are used for roasting, baking, and other forms of cooking style. They can be quite convenient to use as you don’t have to be as involved when the food is in the oven. Unlike frying or broiling, minimal supervision is needed.

Kitchen appliances can be slightly expensive, but a wall oven’s functions can be quite unique. If you know that they match your cooking style and you will frequently use the wall oven’s mechanisms, make the worthwhile investment and include it in your home.


The last thing to consider is the installation. Once you’ve concluded your answers on how much space is needed and how the wall oven fits into your kitchen layout, it’s time to figure out how it’s going to get installed.

Depending on the wall oven’s model and details, it may require some professionals to handle the installation process. Check in with your appliance vendor if they will be able to provide you with installation. There’s electrical work and labor involved, so expect a certain fee.


With this, you should be able to conclude whether you’re getting a wall oven or not for your kitchen. It can be rather exciting for almost any homegrown chef or newer cooks to have a new cooking appliance to experiment with. With a good quality oven, you might be surprised at what you can whip up!

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