Why you should choose the AllSouth Way


Picking out appliances for your home can be daunting if you don’t know much about it or how it works. With hundreds of appliance manufacturers out there, it can be overwhelming when narrowing down a few that you find eye-pleasing, affordable, and that have a good reputation. We want to help ease your mind when it comes to making the right decisions for you.

Our appliance sales specialists are the best in the industry. They’ve been through numerous trainings with all of our brand representatives and have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of everything with carry. We listen to you and suggest options based off your personal tastes, cooking and cleaning habits, and budget.

From the time you walk into one of our showrooms, make your selections, and have your appliances delivered—we’re there every step of the way. We’re even there after everything is installed. If you have an issue we want to be the one to fix it. You won’t get an automated recording; you’re going to get a real person from our client service team to talk you through whatever issues you encounter.

We’ve also made ourselves readily available on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook to answer your questions quickly. We have someone monitoring our accounts at all times so you’re questions never go unanswered. We will have someone contact you immediately from the correct department that can address all of your comments and concerns.

While we have grown steadily over the past 20 years since we first opened, we’ve always kept the same mission in mind. We want to make you a forever customer by giving you the full AllSouth experience. We strive to make sure your greeted with a friendly smile when you walk into our showroom, are helped quickly, get your appliances on time, and return for all of your future appliance purchases.

You can visit our FAQ page for questions regarding specific appliances and service problems. If you’d like to speak to someone at our office directly please call 205.942.0408 or email info@myallsouth.com.

And as always, thank you for choosing AllSouth. We are grateful for your business and support!

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