A Little Kitchen TLC


Life in the kitchen should never be rough. We have come up with a few ways to keep your kitchen organized while also allowing you to get things done quickly without making a mess. These tips will make you never want to leave your kitchen! Some are hacks while others are things you can have easily installed in your everyday kitchen hardware.

1. A place for everything and organized drawers

    • Having your kitchen drawers organized makes the difference between enjoying your kitchen versus stressing out in it. You can keep your drawers organized by inserting sections or just by buying small storage bins. If you can think it, it can be done!
  1. Hidden cutting boards for everyday use

    •  These crafty cutting boards make chopping much less messy and provide the simple convenience of being able to throw things away easily without carrying it around your kitchen first. Another great place for a cutting board within your kitchen hardware is built into your counter. It is also possible to get counter tops that are durable for cutting like marble, cement and wood. Say goodbye to choppy messes!

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  1. Conveniently located paper towels

    • Hiding your paper towels underneath a cabinet or within a cupboard helps them to not take up so much space on your counter and you can put them in convenient locations you visit often in your kitchen. Some smart places to put your paper towels would be by your sink, oven or within your island!
  2. Labeled trashcans

    • Having trashcans for recyclables and the landfill is beneficial to both you and the environment. Hiding them within a cabinet using rolling wheels also gives your kitchen a sleeker and cleaner look.
  3. Covert cabinets

    • Slender cabinets are great to have for a little extra storage. They can be used to store cleaning supplies (as seen below),  a great place to keep a hidden bar or for all of your spices. Having these almost hidden cabinets helps in making sure you don’t waste any space in your kitchen!


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