Appliances For Every Budget!

At AllSouth, we believe that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s a gathering place for families and friends, where memories and meals are made with love, and is often the main room that is showcased to your guests. 

Unfortunately, the kitchen of your dreams comes with a pretty hefty price tag. But who says you can’t have your dream kitchen even when you’re on a budget? Not us! Here are 5 affordable luxury appliances brands that are bound to exceed all of your kitchen expectations.


  1. GE Cafe Appliances -The wonderful thing about GE Cafe is the ability to customize your appliances. The upscale, pro-style hardware comes in shades of gold and silver so you can match it to your kitchen cabinet hardware!

               Average Price: $6,500 – $12,000

2. Bosch – You can’t go wrong with Bosch Appliances. Coming from the same                         manufacturer’s that produce Thermador–you’ll still get the same reliability with a         less harsh price tag.

      Average Price: $5,300 – $10,000

3.  Fisher & Paykel- You’ll feel like you just stepped into your California oasis with                  Fisher & Paykel appliances. Their modern look adds a whole new style to your                  kitchen. Plus-they’re the inventors of the dishwasher drawer, a trend that is on              it’s way back!

Average Price: $6,000- $12,000

4. Kitchen-Aid-reliable and beautiful are two words we’d use to describe KitchenAid.       Get the professional look that’ll make you feel like a chef.

Average Price: $2,000 – $10,000

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