Buying a Dishwasher: Considerations to Make Before Buying


In the past, it was considered a luxury to own a dishwasher. Nowadays, this appliance has become more commonplace. Dishwashers have become an indispensable and convenient kitchen appliance that will save time and effort. 

There are many advantages to owning a dishwasher, which is why choosing the right one is essential. Whether you are shopping around to buy your first dishwasher or if you are looking to shop for a newer model, there are a few key considerations you need to make before deciding on which model to buy.

Buying a Dishwasher: Considerations to Make Before Buying

If you want to make sure that you are buying the right dishwasher, looking into these considerations will help ensure that you are getting the right model. 

1 – Load Capacity

Think about how many dirty dishes and silverware you need to wash after every meal. If you have a three-person household, an 18-inch dishwasher should be sufficient for your needs. A larger dishwasher should be able to handle up to 12 place settings without problems. However, these specifications may sometimes be deceiving. A standard 24-inch dishwasher is recommended for family use, while the 18-inch model is more suited for a couple.

2 – Energy Considerations

When shopping around for dishwashers, look into how much energy consumption they use when plugged in and in use. The showroom will usually have labels that will signify models that have energy-saving features. Usually, dishwashers with a star-shaped sticker mean that their specifications pass the Consortium of Energy Efficiency that helps save money on energy and power consumption.

3 – Food Disposal Feature

On laid-back, lazy days, you may have time to scrape all the left-over food off your plates. However, in hectic instances, you may have time to get food off the plates before throwing them in the dishwasher. Finding one with a food disposal feature will come in handy in these situations, especially if you find that you need to eat and run daily often. 

4 – Performance Features

Different performance features exist to meet varying needs. If you have children in your home, you may want to find a dishwasher with a child-lock feature. If you are a light sleeper and leave your dishwasher on before turning in, you may want to look for one that has the quiet feature. 

5 – Washing Cycles

The most critical washing cycles to look for in a high-quality dishwasher are the economy, light, regular, and heavy wash cycles. These different cycles will provide additional options depending on what type of kitchenware or fine china needs to be washed, whether it is dishes, pots or silverware. Having these four cycles will ensure that your washer can handle the load correctly. 


If you are planning to buy a dishwasher, looking into these considerations mentioned above is crucial to make sure that you are purchasing the right dishwasher that will match your needs. Visiting a store with a wide range of choices when it comes to dishwasher models will allow you to find an appliance that will provide convenience and energy-saving options that will be attractive to a busy homemaker. 

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