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How to Properly Organize Your Dishwasher

Loading a dishwasher

Dishwashers are fantastic because they instantly make our lives easier. We save time from not washing dirty dishware and allocating them to more important things like work, hobbies, or family. 

However, even this great appliance can miss a few spots during cleaning. And no, it is not an error in the machine. Sometimes our dishwashers can’t correctly get their job done if we don’t make our simple contribution, properly loading the dishware. 

Every day we load our dishwasher with dirty dishware, and they come out looking clean. But have you ever thought if you’re doing it right?

If you want to skip the manual and read a simplified version of the most efficient way of loading your dishwasher, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve listed the best ways you can organize your dishware so they’re guaranteed to come out squeaky clean.

Top Rack

We all start loading dishware on the top rack since it offers the optimal way of organization. Strategically, the best dishware to load on the top rack are glasses, cups, and small bowls. 

However, avoid placing the dishware too close to one another or overcrowd them on the top rack. This could lead to breakage or blocking of the detergent and water flow. When loading your dishwasher, leave enough space so the appliance can properly do its job. 

For dishwasher-safe plastics, it is best to place them on the top rack as well since it keeps them farther from any heating element. This prevents plastics from warping.

Bottom Rack

Moving on from the top rack, your bottom rack should contain your larger and heavier dishware. The base of your dishwasher should include plates, bowls, and platters. Dishwasher-safe cutting boards, larger dishwares, and other oversized pieces should be on the sides and the back. 

This tactic ensures that they don’t block the spray from cleaning the entire batch. For stainless steels and aluminum cookwares, they should also be placed on the bottom rack of your dishwasher. 

However, items made of bronze, wood, brass, or any china with gold leaf are not allowed to be placed in the dishwasher. These items are prone to damage and discoloration, and with the water spray and heat used by dishwashers, they could get impaired. 

These dishwares need more delicate care, something that isn’t provided by hard-cleaning dishwashers.


We’ve already covered where plates, bowls, and cups must be placed in a dishwasher, and we’ve warned against including delicate dishwares like china, but there’s on thing we haven’t covered. 

Obviously, silverware must be placed in the utensil holder, but there is a more efficient way to ensure they’re squeaky clean. 

You should place your silver and stainless steel utensils on opposite sides of the utensil holder. Placing them together causes a chemical reaction that could dent your silverware, which is of course, the last thing you want. 

Moreover, it is better to mix your spoons, forks, and knives instead of placing them in separate compartments. That prevents your utensils from nesting and ensures that the spray reaches all sides. 

Utensils should also be placed facing up, while knives should be placed down, with their handles up. This is a safety precaution against cuts and wounds. 

To summarize

Properly loading your dishwasher and placing dishwares in their right places ensure that you get the optimal clean that your dishwasher promises. 

There are certain rules in taking care of utensils like silverware if you want them to last long. Once you get in the habit of properly using your dishwasher, it’ll be like a reflex. 

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