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AllSouth Appliance is proud to be a partner and carrier of such an innovative brand as Samsung allowing us to deliver outstanding Samsung service in support throughout all of our showrooms in the south.

In just a few short years, Samsung has become a leader in cooking innovation in the United States by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, introducing innovative new technologies, and offering design and performance solutions that make the time AllSouth’s customers spend in the kitchen more efficient. Samsung is committed to reducing user inconveniences by considering right from the start the design process which features are needed to answer AllSouth’s customers needs.

AllSouth Appliance strongly believes that the best memories are made in the kitchen surrounded by family and friends. Samsung home appliances connect with your personal devices and other smart products ensuring that AllSouth’s consumers have the opportunity to always be in sync with the moments that matter. For example, with Family Hub, in a connected kitchen, you can preheat the oven, adjust cook time and temperature, you can even keep an eye on the dishwasher and it is all possible from your phone.

Samsung gives AllSouth’s customers the home they can not live without as well as the opportunity to have a home that manages itself. With dryers that steam sanitize, refrigerators that grocery show and keep food fresher and longer, and so much more.

Not only are Samsung appliances beautiful in design, better in performance and connectivity, they never fail in inconvenience. The core value driving Samsung Appliances has always been a thoughtful design. Samsung strives to create products that will have a meaningful impact on the way we live by taking the time to understand what matters most to people. With a firm belief that great innovations begin with understanding the needs of people, Samsung considers every possibility, improving the daily life for AllSouth’s customers.

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