Prevent Getting Sick with Lampe Berger!


Unfamiliar with Lampe Berger? Let us fill you in. The initial purpose for Lampe Berger lamps was to disinfect hospitals in the 18 and 1900s. The lamps attract and trap airborne germs and bacteria, therefore preventing the spread of disease and illness…pretty cool right?

Benefits of Lampe Berger Lamps:

  1.      The Ozoalcool found in the essential oils generate a natural ozone in the air, removing bacteria and preventing illness
  2.       Breaks down second-hand smoke, removing it from the air
  3.       Kills dust mites
  4.       Prevents mold growth
  5.       Removes cooking and bathroom smells as well as pet odors from the air
  6.       Releases negative ions, which strengthens the immune system
  7.       Repels insects
  8.       Removes airborne dust
  9.       Can fill fleas
  10.   Pet-friendly 

This is Andy from our Birmingham show room! He is here to help with any of your questions about LB! 

We have plenty in stock and have marked down many of our Lampe Berger air purifiers! Give us a call to reserve one and pick it up at our front counter!

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