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At AllSouth, we don’t just enjoy TELLING you how an appliance works, we love to SHOW you too. To do this, we invite customers who are interested in the particular appliances we’re showing and we let them watch professional chefs make food using the appliances. This is a great chance for customers to see all the great features of their future appliances.

This past week, we had the honor of having Chef George Landun from Sub-Zero Wolf in Atlanta come and cook for some of our customers and builders. Chef George cooked all sorts of amazing dishes so we thought we’d share some them in our blog!

Chef George made pizza from scratch, a roast, trout, jump shrimp, freshly chopped coleslaw, the best baked beans you’ll ever have and a rack of ribs cooked in the Wolf steam oven! He concluded everything with a homemade biscuit topped with a mixture of port wine and fresh fruits!

Keep a look out for future cooking demonstrations and if you’re interested in learning more about the appliances being used, we would love to have you!










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